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Oracle Capacity on Demand (aka Infrastructure as a Service), Part 2

technical_difficultiesPart 1 was merely a primer on the potential financial pitfalls of Oracle’s CoD offering. Today’s post outlines the accompanying technical issues.

To begin, it is important to revisit that Exadata is an expensive and over-engineered solution because most databases not only don’t need RAC, but also may run more efficiently without it. If you don’t need RAC, then you may not need Enterprise Edition, but dimes-on-the-dollar solutions such as Standard Edition are not available with Exadata. Furthermore, Read the rest of this entry »

The Reason to Consider Oracle SPARC

Consolidation and virtualization?

There was a quiet press release yesterday announcing Oracle Optimized Solutions for SPARC Solaris. Before clicking on that, however, let’s review a couple of key points.

First, Oracle does not want customers to run databases efficiently because less deployed cores means less license and support revenue. In turn, Oracle does not want customers to consolidate and virtualize, at least not in a way that reduces dependency on expensive software.

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The Best Platform For Oracle Databases

This article about Itanium reminded me that the most strategic decision CIOs make regarding Oracle is where to run databases. Admittedly, my experience with Itanium years before Oracle announced desupport was consoling unhappy customers through support issues. Had Mark Hurd stayed at HP and IBM acquired Sun I suspect Oracle would have continued supporting Itanium for years to come. As the saying goes, a house divided cannot stand, and Oracle continues to rake in piles of cash from Oracle running on HP-UX.
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Oracle Cloud and Declining Revenues

Two noteworthy articles about Oracle’s cloud strategy were published recently by The Register and Forbes. Forbes posits that Oracle’s tepid revenue growth is due to competing cloud offerings. The work I do puts me in the middle of Oracle-related decisions so my perspective is different. While cloud deals with Amazon and may be taking a bite out of Oracle, I would argue that a more meaningful dynamic is at play.

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Introducing the Oracle Costimizer Beta Program

I’m looking for beta testers of software that helps organizations reduce the cost of running Oracle.

The Oracle Costimizer is inspired by the reality that most organizations struggle to manage their Oracle assets effectively, let alone set themselves on a path towards savings. Does that remind you of your own organization?

Features of the “Costimizer” include automated compliance analysis, financial modelling of alternative deployments and maintenance renewal discount analysis. It is 100% web-based, cross-browser and drag-and-drop enabled. Both deployment and CSI data may be uploaded via CSV file, and future-state modelling is enabled via the Oracle product catalog and SPECint results for server comparisons.

Please contact me directly for more details on how to participate.

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